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Campione! Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

" Often in anime a teenage boy is suddenly given powers or thrust into a situation that will throw his life into turmoil if he was happy and peaceful or provide him with a goal in life if he were simply wasting away. This has become very common but the attitude of the protagonist is a key factor in this regard. Sure there are standard dense protagonists as well as those trying to wish their new found fortunes away for a peaceful life, but occasionally there are those willing to accept their fate and move forward. Now that Campione! has been brought to North America, what type of story and MC will we be in for?"

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koga881701d ago

From what I heard there is very little accent in the dub, but I suppose that works well enough since the main girl is simply Italian and probably wouldn't have a huge accent in the first place. Might pick this up since it had great action sequences.

andrewer1701d ago

Watched gusta this anime hehe