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The 5 Most Violent Anime

Sofa King News presents their Top 5 Most Violent anime list.

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D3acon1697d ago

Anime of the 80s were really violent and it seems like they all used the same animation were the eye pops out shortly before the head warps an explodes. Good article.

feedurhabit1696d ago

This list should really consist entirely of 80s OVAs.

wishingW3L1696d ago

"the most violent" and then the only really violent ones are the top 2 while the rest are way below average. Even DBZ is more violent than the other 3. I mean, Fatal Fury, Fistar and Mazenkaiser? Come on!

The Killer1696d ago

i think Berserk was missing from the list.

xer01696d ago

Not only Berserk but Urotsukidoji/Overfiend + Golgo 13.
That list was tame.

andrewer1696d ago

I don't know about these...if someone asks me a violent anime I would go for Yu Yu Hakusho haha. I mean, when Kuwabara gets his arm broken in the beginning of the series, that was some hard stuff lol.

Anthotis1696d ago

Shigurui is a very graphic modern anime adaption.

It's also awesome. Not just about violence, but is deep, cultured and is about the best depiction of the Samurai i've seen.