Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – January 28 Release in North America

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, is scheduled to hit North America and Latin America on January 28, 2014.

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tayz1218d ago

*gasp* usa getting it after japan. its been a while since that happened. at least it feels that way!

Deadpool6161217d ago

The movie is releasing the same day as the game "Battle of Z". Seems like a sound marketing plan.

DarkBlood1217d ago

wait you mean the movie is coming out here along with the game in janurary ? o.o

stuna11217d ago

Too bad it's not releasing on next gen consoles :(

Plagasx1217d ago

Yea but will it be English???

OmegaShen1217d ago

This could be good or bad news, it could mean you can only get the movie by getting the game like they did with the last one.

I hope it isn't only in the game.

Bobertt1216d ago

You can find the Japanese version with subs online no need to wait unless you prefer the English voice acting.