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Hajime No Ippo - Rising Episode 4 Impressions [Capsule Computers]

Frank Inglese Writes:

This episode starts off literally exactly where it left off in Episode 3 (click here to see Episode 3 Impressions) with Aoki being stark-naked right after weighing in for the match as his challenger Imae walks into the room to see his full-frontal nudity. It contrasts the two fighters and also does a good job at both lightening the mood and causing the kind of tension you could cut through with a knife. Hajime No Ippo knows how to blend humour with aggressiveness and it does it well. The episode takes us through the final stages of setup before the big match for these two challengers and it also serves as a show of a divide between the two combatants, more-so than it did in the last episode.

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