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Kill la Kill First Impressions | The Modern Mage

"Kill la Kill is one of the brand new shows of the current Anime Season and usually brand new IP’s in Anime don’t get much attention before release and without a Manga, however, this Anime claims it’s fame by hailing from a very special production team."

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SynGamer1637d ago

Really enjoying this show so far. A lot of action, plenty of fan service, and I'm actually interested in the story (for now). I'm interested in seeing where this will be going :)

paradigmfellow1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

I am interested in the story. However, the level of raunchiness is too high. Last week's episode was not needed. I was expecting a tone along the lines of Guren Lagann. However, I have been disappointed so far. I am liking the story.