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Hideki Kamiya to Those Asking About Bayonetta 2′s Wii U Exclusivity: “F*ck Off”

Looking forward to Bayonetta 2? You may want to think twice before you ask Platinum Studios’, Hideki Kamiya, about its exlusivity to the Wii U.

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koga881632d ago

He literally says that to anything people ask him on twitter. His feed is mostly insults or question marks when it comes to things like that so this isn't exactly new as he did the same thing back when it was announced.

Blacktric1631d ago

"He literally says that to anything people ask him on twitter."

It's blatantly obvious that you have never visited the guy's Twitter when he's not in meltdown mode (which he rarely gets into). He's calm and collected most of the time but when people end up bombarding his Twitter with the same exact question he answered countless times before, he gets pissed.

koga881631d ago

Sadly I followed him long enough to know that he has these meltdowns on an almost daily basis and stopped following him simply because I was tired of him spazzing out every couple hours.

drizzom1632d ago

Feels like they were fishing for some rage fueled clicks.

Subby1632d ago

That or he tells them to ask their mom. He's my favourite Twitter dev.

wishingW3L1632d ago

he says this almost in a daily basis, why is it news now again?

Tzuno1631d ago

yeah, why so curious? fk off. :)

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