"Berserk" Manga Slated To Resume?

So much for that persistent rumor that health issues had put a final nail in Berserk. A leak, purporting to from the next issue of Young Animal, out November 8th, comes with claims that Kentaro Miura is set to debut out a new six chapter series along with the resumption of the hit horror epic.

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animegamingnerd1243d ago

Now its Togashi's turn to get off hiatus

vanethe1241d ago

i really hope we will get more chapters a year !

Lord_Sloth1241d ago

It was just Monster Hunter. Same with Togashi. They're all taking breaks to play Monster Hunter.

cpayne931240d ago

I can't even care at this point. The series has gone to shit in my opinion. At one point it was my favorite manga, but after that derpy kid showed up it really started going downhill.