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Dragon Ball's 3 Most Definitive Moments

Which clips best capture this show's innocence, absurdity and 'preposterone?"

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Lord_Sloth1622d ago

I'd say Goku going SS1 was a much more exciting, dramatic, and definitive moment for the show than SS3. When he went SS1 it was new and the moment was very dramatic, and well animated. It all went together so well as both a surprise, and an acceptable conclusion. SS3 was just another upgrade that he'd found each season up to that point. By then it was almost expected.

Nagisa_Rodriguez1622d ago

SS1 should have been #1 in my opinion

aDDicteD1621d ago

yup, definitely SS1 was far better and much more memorable than the transformation of SS3 and gohan's transformation on the cell games was also better and more dramatic than SS3.