Miura “Abandons Berserk for New Manga”

Berserk fans have been decrying Kentaro Miura’s decision to abandon Berserk yet again, this time to release an entirely new manga.

The all-new Miura-penned Gigantomakhia will begin serialisation in volume 23 of Young Animal, and is his first new work in 20 years.

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MonChiChi1685d ago

Dunno what else to say or feel but **Sigh**

e-p-ayeaH1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

This might be a good thing his artstyle is awesome.

wishingW3L1685d ago

this manga is stuck. Griffith is basically an angel, he transformed the world for demons and humans to live together, he has his own nation, the people love him, god himself told him he was the chosen one to lead mankind to prosperity... What can Guts do at this point? He's the only one with a grudge against him. I think he should go find his peace once Caska regains her mind. He's not alone anymore anyway. No need to go kill Griffith when the guy is not even human anymore and hardly feels any emotion.

This manga doesn't even feels like Berserk anymore. It's more like Peter Pan mixed with Lord of the Rings and Super Sentai. Miura will finally make his pedo fantasies a reality with his new ultra moe manga. The guy has an unhealthy obsession with Idolm@ster and it's obvious based on the way he has changed the tone of Berserk to become so lighthearted after all the rape and gore.

blitzburns41685d ago

It's not our job to figure out the ending. It's Miura's. However, Miura abandoning his project because he couldn't figure out what to do next simply is a slap in the face for the fans who have followed his series all these years.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1685d ago

Well demons and humans may not be actually be a good thing. the idea of evil said he could do whatever with humans destroy or liberate them. Theres still quite a bit of gore they for sure toned it down on the rape. However Berserk has taken in a lot of fantasy elements thats for sure.