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Levi DLC Announced For Attack On Titan 3DS Game

Frank Inglese Writes:

Some information regarding Attack On Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind’s DLC have been released and it seems as though players will be able to take control of Captain Levi alongside Eren, Mikasa and Armin. It will be called the “Levi Route” and will put you in the shoes of the fearless captain as you play through the same story but from his point of view. Not only that but once you’ve finished his storyline you can then use him within the multi-player mode. he is said to have special weapons and parts that come along with his character and those are also usable. We’ve known all along that Levi would jump in as a playable character in some way or another, he’s crucial to the story and he’s a fan favourite that I couldn’t imagine being left behind, what’s funny is that Spike Chunsoft have also stated that part of his gameplay will involve cleaning in some way. I don’t know about all of you but I’m looking forward to that the most!

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aridectel1684d ago

the most awesome character as dlc you got to be kidding me.