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Are Fansubs and Scanlations Piracy?

Fansubs and scanlations have been around since the late ’70s. Back then, Americans would record shows like Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica and exchange them with Japanese fans for anime. Over time, the VHS recordings would be translated and further shared with fans.

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chaosdemon091655d ago

The answer is no. It airs on Japanese tv for free. If the series is good enough we will want to own it for our own. Example. Watamote was awesome last season. When its licensed and dubbed I'm buying the blu ray ^^

wishingW3L1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

of-course they are! Although they helped this culture to expand outside of Japan at an alarming rate, so is not all bad.

This stuff started to get really strong around the early 2000's with the access to higher bandwidth internet to the mass market. The popularity of Naruto is mostly thanks to fansubs and scanlation but now that these companies are starting to get more greedy then it is becoming a problem for them. Because they see the expansion but they are only making slightly more money than before. And as everything that has to do with capitalism, they want more and more and more and more... I'm not saying this is bad but "good and bad" are 2 things that need each other.