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Top Five Underrated Anime Series

There’s a tonne of anime out there. It’s one of the most popular genres about, which is understandable given the monstrous amount of great anime like, Afro Samurai and Cowboy Bebop. However, there are a select few series that don’t get the credit they’re due, so here they are, the five most underrated anime series…

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Thunder_God1622d ago

This dude posted this on reddit before, we didn't like it.

First, he sort of is lazy - he used an image of Gilgamesh from Fate/X instead of the Gilgamesh anime, as if he googled "Gilgamesh anime" and grabbed the first image he found, if he truly watched the show, he should've noticed a difference ;-)

Second, like many people, he's conflating "under-watched" with "under-rated", and the best way to point out there is a difference is to point out these two terms - Paranoia Agent is not under-rated in any way or form, and neither is Texhnolyze, they're just slightly harder to get into/obscure, and as the only other show on the list aside from those two I even heard of is Gilgamesh, I definitely feel this list is about "under-watched".

Well, you can still appreciate the list, under those categories.
Sadly, the final strike is what I began with, he barely gives any actual information/opinions, so there's not much to go on, really - "Now, I know at first it doesn’t sound all too interesting but once you give it a watch, it really does come into its own and will live up to and surpass all expectations you have."