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Kill La Kill Cosplayer Causes Commotion

This past weekend at AFA, or Anime Festival Asia, police were called in on account of a revealing cosplay. Kill la Kill is a new anime which we all know has some pretty revealing attire. One cosplayer who had taken a liking to Ryuko Matoi's transformation outfit, wore this costume to the event. An elderly lady was astonished at how little the girl was wearing, and reported her immediatly. C'mon Grandma! It's an anime convention! Shouldn't people be aware of ecchi cosplays before attending?

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Gekko1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Poor girl. Being reported to the police just because of a little underboob was definitely uncalled for. I hope she gets better soon.

deep_fried_bum_cake1678d ago

Shocking. The girl was performing a kind public service, the old lady shouldn't have done that.

MouseUK1678d ago

Shocked old lady calls police *shakes head* If youre going to an anime convention shouldn't you already be aware of this kind of thing? :D

Gekko1677d ago

Apparently she was attending a Church service or something.

paradigmfellow1677d ago

The show is very raunchy and it distracts from the story. Gurren Laghan was not this bad.

Simon_Brezhnev1677d ago

People want it to be Gurren Lagaan so bad it has way 2 many flaws. It's not even about the ecchi its that damn annoying side character.

ExCest1677d ago

...evoking emotion for something like a promotion.

That's a well made costume but... laws.

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