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Girls Und Panzer Anime Licensed By Hanabee

Frank Inglese Writes:

Hanabee only just announced, at Supanova Adelaide, that they have acquired the license for the extremely popular Anime “Girls Und Panzer“. Alongside the announcement of the actual acquisition comes a great deal of information regarding what is to come in the releases, how they will be split up and even an exact release date for the series.

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masterabbott1652d ago

Girls Und Tanks is awesome one of my fav at the moment!

F-Inglese-941652d ago

Cute girls AND tanks?! Crap yeah I'm in!

koga881652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

This is dropping in the US in a couple of weeks and I can't wait to see how their English dub has turned out. Good to see it's heading to the land down under too.