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Persona 4 Vol. 2 Spotted on Resume of Persona 4 Voice Actress

According to AllGamesBeta, references to the teased Persona sequel have been leaked in the résumé of Karen Strassman, the talent behind the voice of Nanako Dojima. Her credits list “Golden 2 Persona 4″ and “Persona 4 Vol. 2″ as two possible entries.

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Gekko1647d ago

As much as I love Persona 4, I don't think I could bear another P4 related announcement.

Leupac1646d ago

I'm kind of torn on this one. I really loved Persona 4, though 3 was my favorite, but I think I would rather have a new game with a new cast and story instead. Sometimes sequels just don't do a series any good.

Sentionaut1646d ago

I'm over Persona 4 as well at this point. It wasn't even my favorite game. Loved it, don't get me wrong -- but it wasn't my favorite. That honor goes to Persona 3.