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Top 13 Anime of 2013 So Far

The year is not over yet, but here is a list of thirteen anime series from 2013 that shone thus far.

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Thunder_God1608d ago

Well, definitely an action + comedy heavy list. Just for the record, Sword Art Online concluded a few days before 2012 ended.

tayz1607d ago

attack in titan #1 for 2013, of course!

Etseix1607d ago

sorry but really, Attack on" Titan ( Shingeki no Kyojin ) is easily the most overrated series of this year.

Yi-Long1607d ago

It's not great, but it's original and entertaining, and for many it's a gateway-anime.

It's one of the better new action-adventure shows of recent years.

pompombrum1607d ago

Well that depends, if you want something thought provoking, deep and that can be watched multiple times while picking up on new stuff each time,then no Shingeki no Kyoujin isn't for you.

However it was original, had the ability to set your nerves on edge with it's graphic and realistic depiction of what it would probably be like taking on man eating giants. I'm only on episode 20 of it and tbh, it's certainly the most memorable anime I've seen this year so far.

cleft51607d ago

I think it's just nice to have an anime where characters are actually dying that you care about again. That use to be how anime worked back when I watched it all the time. This anime took me back to the good old days of intense anime so I can see why they put it at #1 and why it is so well liked.

Hergula1607d ago

No it is not, it is incredibly well produced, voice acted, designed, created, edited, and directed. It is not only great, it is phenomenal.

Qrphe1607d ago

It's definitely a nice change from all the moe/harem crappy comedy Anime we've been getting for years

s45gr321607d ago

Please explain for me personally it's one of the best anime series thus far.

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Asuka1607d ago

didn't really get into attack on titan tbh. Really liking Kill la Kill so far, and still need to watch oreimo 2

MidnytRain1607d ago

I liked Oreimo 2, though I'm not sure as much as the first season, but a few episodes near the end tickled me hard, heh.

I'm watching Sakura-sō no Petto na Kanojo (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou) right now and enjoying it a ton.

EL Lanf1607d ago

It's still a month too early to be making a best of 2013, especially considering how bad winter and spring were in comparison to summer and the current autumn ones.

Gin no Sagi is easily one of the most overlooked shows this year. It's by the same author as Fullmetal Alchemist! It's a comedy with actual thought provoking themes questioning the ethics towards animal livestock. I think the quirky Uchouten Kazoku and Servant X Service deserve a mention on a best of 2013 list too.

But the current season has so many shows that if can maintain their current quality, can easily outshine most shows so far this year. NouKome isn't one of them.

s45gr321607d ago

Nice list surprised that Gargantia on verdurous planet and flowers of evil was not mentioned. Check out Ace of Diamonds is a really good sports anime.