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What Makes an Anime Good?

What makes an anime good? Why do numerous anime receive high ratings, while others do not? Do ratings actually matter?

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Hergula1667d ago

"Anime being good is relative to the viewer themselves"

I disagree, the article is titled "What Makes an Anime Good?". Meaning that you are talking about the quality, not whether or not people like it. What makes an anime good can be broken down statistically and factually, it is not an opinion, it is more of a combination of things that have to be right.

Example: An anime that is well created, has solid animation, good voice acting, breathtaking soundtrack, etc. does not necessarily mean that people consider it to be "good", even though it actually is well created, well produced, and all in all "good".

wishingW3L1667d ago

no such thing as "good anime" anymore. Just watch whatever. They are all bad anyway.

Hergula1666d ago

Why so negative? You cannot classify all anime these days as being bad, it would be like saying "All movies are bad these days", or "all music is bad". It makes no sense.

Anime is doing fine, extremely fine.