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What Japanese Animation Gets so Right

Dex has gone through a lot of really great, high-quality shows in the past few weeks (via his anime review marathon) that has made him seriously question why he ever stopped watching anime. So, he'd like to get something off his chest about the state of animation in Japan and here in America.

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EL Lanf1604d ago

Whilst animes generally aren't in it for 12 seasons, the source material they're so typically based on usually is, so the point is rather moot there; plenty of anime have inadequate endings due to the mismatch between finite TV airing lengths and more or less indefinite publication of manga and light novels.

This is the big problem with judging anime as a medium, few other mediums are so heavily adaptation based. There's been plenty of trends, such as the general decrease in average airing length but examples such as Guilty Crown are really a minority in being an anime original story.

Darrius Cole1603d ago

I agree with the guy. I tend to enjoy the anime intended for adults. You don't get that in the US, although several of the Batman animated movies are too dark for young kids. It's no surprise that I like those better.

imXify1603d ago

American/Canadian 2D animations are in serious decrease. However, I see a huge increase in 3D CG tv show and movies from Disney, Pixar and etc.