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Time Travel Mostly Sucks, But It Could Be Good If Stuff Actually Happened: A Steins;Gate Movie Post

In case you guys didn’t know, an early kinda low-to-middling quality version of the Steins;Gate movie got released two weeks or so before the actual DVD/Bluray rip came out. I managed to watch the thing and…you know, I’m still not quite over the fact that as of right now, that anime is ranked #2 on MAL I’m not one to judge other people just because they don’t think the way I do, don’t get me wrong. But that doesn’t change the fact that the Steins;Gate movie is just not very good. - Mr. Flawfinder

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andrewer1661d ago

I liked this movie as an ending to the series. Wasn't expecting time travel because if Steins;Gate begins time travel, one movie isn't enough to cover all of it haha

wishingW3L1661d ago

the movie was nothing but a repetition of the anime but from a different perspective. Like seriously, when it comes to games and anime the Japanese are sooooo freaking lazy it's unbelievable.

Hergula1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Why offend the anime in the title...