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Top 10 Favorite Anime Series

The Western Home: "Ohayo everyone!

So I've been working on this one for a while. Was supposed to be done earlier this week but what with not having Internet on thanksgiving, and recording auditions for star wars, it got backburnered.

Anyway, here are my top 10 Favorite Anime series of all time. and a few special mentions."

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aridectel1658d ago

Have almost watched all except ergo proxy

Lord_Sloth1658d ago

Good list overall but needs more YYH.

PSVita1658d ago

I'd add

Full metal alchemist and Afro samurai

deep_fried_bum_cake1658d ago

Very generic list, though I would possibly also have One Piece and Ergo Proxy (maybe top 15) on mine.

Thunder_God1658d ago

Well, he did say /favourites/ as opposed to "Best", and many entries there ARE quite enjoyable, which is why it's "generic", so he gets a pass from me :3

Hergula1658d ago

Agreed, it is indeed a Favorites list, something you and me are fine with, as fan favorites usually tend to be the most well-known products, in movies, music, games, as well as anime.

The list is great, it is a favorites list.

deep_fried_bum_cake1658d ago

I know there are quite a few good ones there. I'm just saying that it reads quite like a list of popular anime. I'm not objecting to them being the writers favourite.

Hergula1658d ago

I respect the title, and enjoyed the list.

Good job.

Vlaitor1658d ago

What... Why does the lack of:
Cowboy bebop
Neon genesis evangilion
Ghost in the shell
Samurai champloo
Sengoku basara
Serei no moribito

Disturbs me so much.
Well to each his own i guess.

zeroskie1658d ago

I didn't really like any of the titles in OP's list except ergo proxy and deathnote, and not for lack of trying either.

Your list is definitely similar to my own tastes.

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