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The Top Selling Manga of 2013

One Piece is number one with 18,151,599 copies sold.

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tayz1632d ago

damn OP killed everybody. naruto's sales are dissapoint

monkeyDzoro1631d ago

To me, OP is the best anime I've ever watched. I was firstly a Naruto fan, but when I watche OP... it just killed me.
Character development is great, characters are charismatic, there's a lot of fun, the story looks shallow at the beginning but after you notice it's WAY deeper than you'd have thought.

Simon_Brezhnev1632d ago

Didnt know Magi was selling that good there.

I pretty much dropped Kuroko’s Basketball.

Attack on Titan anime probably made the manga sales sky rocket

I wish Toriko was higher and Glad Kingdom up there.

tayz1632d ago

is Kuroko's boring? i see news on it alot and was thinking of watching

monkeyDzoro1631d ago

I prefer the anime because of the animations obviously. Reading it is sometimes boring.

Simon_Brezhnev1631d ago

It's up to you i think its one of the worst sports anime. Maybe because i like basketball and i never seen a team hesitate so much. They panic all the time like its a fighting manga or something.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1632d ago

One Piece and Attack on Titan stepped on everyone. I really have to start reading Magi soon. Bleach's final arc is really good im surprised its not doing better but the anime is off air for now.

Despite the image the big 3 dont even exist anymore. Its more like the BIG ONE.....ONE PIECE. I still enjoy all 3 tho.

Hergula1631d ago

One Piece and Attack on Titan impressed.

deep_fried_bum_cake1631d ago

One Piece always impresses. Attack on Titan's sales amaze me though. Getting to within around 2 million of One Piece's sales is no mean feat.

animegamingnerd1631d ago

my take on all of this

10.Terra Formars (was caught up at one point earlier this year but fail behind good manga though check it out especially if your a fan of gantz cause it does remind me a lot of it)

9.Fairy Tail (honestly i dropped the series earlier this year cause i just stop liking it plain and simple)

8.Hunter x Hunter (without having a single chapter this year it manage to get into the top 10 #dattogashiswag i need to tell people this when i tell them to check this series cause it is in my top 2 Manga's for a reason)

7.Assassination Classroom (heard of the series but haven't check it out it does sound interesting and great to see a new series in the top 10 props to the mangaka of the series)

6.Silver Spoon (i have seen the first episode of the anime i just couldn't get into which is ashamed cause i am huge FMA fan)

5.Naruto (even i am been a fan of the series for half my life i am starting to lose interest in naruto mainly cause i have found like the last 2 or 3 years incredibly disappointing)

4.Magi (sweet seeing this series on here i only caught up to it a month ago but i love easily one of my favorite on going manga's)

3.Kuroko’s Basketball (i think this series is good but it just doesn't live up to the hype for me)

2.Attack on Titan (doesn't shock me that this is number 2 but on close it is to number 1 does shock me it is also a great manga does live up to the hype)

1.One Piece (of course it is number 1 is anyone shock? but none of less still great to see my favorite manga at number 1 as usually)