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Naruto Storm Revolution Official Website

It shows Naruto and Sasuke side by side and 2014 for the release date.

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Simon_Brezhnev1659d ago

Still think Storm 1 had the best gameplay mechanics since you could reverse like everything. I probably wont touch this.

kingrj1659d ago

The website looks really nice. Better than the last one

Akatsuki070NL1658d ago

Yes :)! i hope there will be more playable characters in this game!

Lord_Sloth1658d ago

Still keepin my fingers crossed for Kurenai, Kotetsu, Izumi, Kushina, and the Sound 5...Or at least Tayuya.

mcgrottys1658d ago

well with over 100 characters I'm sure they'll have a few that people have been wanting.

I'm crossing my fingers for another PC release.