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The Ten Best Anime Christmas Episodes, Part II

Beneath the Tangles has watched dozens and dozens of Christmas anime episodes – many are certainly terrible, but there are a plethora of good ones as well. Yesterday, they gave numbers 6-10 on their list of the ten best Christmas anime. Today, they’ll complete their countdown!

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Gekko1633d ago

Love Hina had a Christmas special? I did not know that. This was a pretty solid list overall, the only thing which seems to be missing is Lovely Complex.

wishingW3L1631d ago

Tokyo Godfathers is not an easy movie to watch in part because now that Kon died you know that greatness like this will not be replicated so easily.

But what is the most painful is that he not only couldn't finish his last movie, Dreaming Machine, but that he died young. Only 46 years old, he still had lots to offer and he was one of the very few modern anime creators that was original both in design and stories. On top of this with Miyazaki retiring too what is left in the anime industry?