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Winter Anime Season Lineup 2013 – What will you watch?

It is nearly time for another season of anime!
Which ones from the line up will you be picking up?

This article goes through the list giving a little info on each of the anime which may help you making a selection or maybe not.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1630d ago

I'll continue watching Kill la Kill and kuroko.I would watch magi but I wanna catch up to the manga first. Space dandy I'll watch when its on Toonami.

deep_fried_bum_cake1630d ago

I'll keep up with Kill la Kill and watch Chuunibyou but that should be all I have time for. I'll get to other ones like Space Dandy and Silver Spoon in the summer.

Hergula1629d ago

Nice list, very enjoyable read, but I wont be watching much anime I believe, not new anime anyways. I will have my family coming together, so I wont have that much time I believe.

The reason being I am not a casual anime fan, when I watch anime, I need to be able to focus on it, and live into what I am watching, so I can get the maximum experience.

MouseUK1629d ago

I understand, I wouldn't have the time I have to watch anime if it wasn't for the 2 hours a day I spend on the bus with my nexus :D (good 4 episodes a day)..

Have a good Xmas and glad you enjoyed the post :D

Hergula1629d ago

Oh, well, I can understand the long bus trips, taken them myself. But if you can watch 4 episodes a day, that is quite brilliant, I try to squeeze in one or two max a day, although I love to just sit down and watch around 4 of them. It is really enjoyable when you get into an anime.

The same to you, I hope you have a good Xmas, and keep up the good work!