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Even If You Can’t Speak Japanese, You Should Try Watching Anime Without Subtitles

If you watch anime with subtitles, it’s very easy to get caught up in the words and not to see the bigger picture.

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Hergula1656d ago

I mean, at the end of the day, subtitles are not everything, so I agree to a certain extent. YET. I believe that everybody can watch an anime how they wish, as I myself, sometimes watch an anime with Eng Dub, Eng sub, and sometimes neither. Bringing me to this: I am able to watch anime every way imaginable.

CaptainYesterday1656d ago

Good read I'm going to try and watch a few different animes without subs tonight

Thunder_God1656d ago

If you check the comments, one of the suggestions is to actually watch an episode twice. Once with subs, then without, and the second time you get to pay attention to non-verbal cues.