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Catching up on Attack on Titan #2

Karen Mead of Japanator writes:

"So I continued my "Catch Up on Titan" project and watched through episode 13.5, the end of the "Battle for Trost" arc. I'm still enjoying the combat portions (and have more or less gotten used to the violence, for better or for worse), but what's interesting to me is that the parts of the show that seem to really strike a cord with me come out of seemingly incidental dialogue rather than major plot action."

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The Killer1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

What the author of this article needs is reading about islam and how the end times will come. everything is detailed in islam because it came as an inspiration and revelation from God to His final messenger of God, prophet Mohammad.

many people have questions but the ignore to search it in islam, and they assume islam is like christianity or any other religion.

in the Quran (the words of God completely) at the end of the book, the chapters are mostly about the end times and judgment day.

but i dont know what stops people from at least reading the Quran.

Hint! search about the minor and major signs of judgment day in islam and see how many of the minor signs have already occurred.

and before someone starts to say something bad about my comment, first it is related to the article, second it is an answer to the writer's questions and fears.

Hergula1626d ago

I just think that religious views should be kept to yourself. As a public forum where people are allowed to comment, I can honestly say, people can jump on you for the slightest thing. Luckily no one took offense to what you wrote above.

I can tell you from personal experience, people on Newsboiler are very... very sensitive.