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Attack On Titan 3DS - World Mode Gameplay

The World Mode in Attack on Titan 3DS: The Last Wings of Mankind makes it's gameplay debut today in a video that shows off the customization and footage of the actual fighting

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kratoz12091595d ago

I am hoping for Attack on Titan for the ps4

Tidybrutes1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Does anyone know if this is going to be localized?

God damm Nintendo reigon locking their consoles!!! I dont see why we should buy multiple consoles.

Kaitou1595d ago

They said a bunch of excuses, but in reality they are a company, they want to make more money. SMH Nintendo.

Tidybrutes1595d ago

I can understand why some games dont get localized as its not profitable, but why region lock the console so I now cant / wont import a copy.

Kaitou1595d ago

Yeah, they just want people to import another system so they make more money.