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Japanator Arena: See You Around

Salvador G-Rodiles of Japanator writes:

"Due to the requirement of Kiba's assistance for most of Akamaru's techniques, it wasn't too hard for Koromaru to take home the prize. However, the ninja dog's Passing Fang technique was the only thing that could cripple S.E.E.S.'s canine member. Thankfully, Sukukaja helped Koromaru obtain the distance that he needed to cast Marigidyne and Mamudoon. While Akamaru was able to avoid the fire spell, the one-hit k.o. technique hit him after he dodged the first attack. Koromaru wins! (6 > 2)

After hosting the Jtor Arena for 56 battles, I’m afraid that I’ve been taken out by the feature itself. However, that doesn’t mean that the stadium will be closed down for good, as there are many opportunities for the doors to open up again."

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