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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Leads All-Star Cast For English Dub Of “The Wind Rises”

Frank Inglese Writes:

It was only just announced that the popular actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be taking the lead voice acting role in the English dub of Hayao Miyazaki’s (the co-founder of Studio Gibli) eleventh and final film; The Wind Rises. As mentioned in the title, Mr. Gordon-Levitt will be leading a cast of many well-known and highly popular actors and actresses in Miyazaki’s most recent film that takes us on a journey into the life of Jiro Horikoshi the man behind the design of Japan’s “Mitsubishi A6M Zero” fighter plane of World War II.

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F-Inglese-941822d ago

This cast really is incredible!

tayz1822d ago

cross promotions with JL and Batman movie?

DarkBlood1821d ago

nah i dont believe its anything to do with that "which he isnt involved in the current goings of the next moivie, but the guy did make a name for himself after all so thats pretty awesome.