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I'm Here for the Spectacle - Fight Scene of the Year

Guy likes talking about anime at length, but sometimes he just surrenders to the pleasures of the visual medium that is anime. This had been the case this past year with Bakemonogatari and Mawaru Penguindrum, but also with the single best fight scene of the past year in anime.

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Subby1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Thank god someone else watched Prisma Illya, that fight scene with Saber Alter was incredible.

Thunder_God1617d ago

There were quite a few people, this episode even flared up and placed on the weekly Aniblogger Power Ranking. But well, there was quite a bit that was questionable about the rest of the show :3

CaptainYesterday1617d ago

This reminds me that I really need to watch Fate/Kaleid I keep putting it off :/