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Ace of Diamond Episode 9 Impressions | Capsule Computers

Luke Halliday writes:

"There is an air of change in this episode of Ace of Diamond. With the truth of Chris now revealed, Eijun sees him in an entirely different light. On the flip side of that, Chris begins to open up to Eijun and even start pushing him in the right direction. With that, it looks like our diamond in the rough is in good hands with Chris, as Furuya looked to be with Miyuki. However while both Eijun and Furuya have risen to great heights, we now see them fall to great lows.

In baseball an ace must have something special about them, something that unites the whole team under their power. When Chris gets Eijun to pitch to him, he tells him that Furuya’s strength is his power and that Tanba’s power lies in his control. He leaves Eijun with something to ponder, what exactly is his strength? What is Eijun’s ace ability?"

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F-Inglese-941614d ago

I really like Chris as a character, he's so serious.