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Pokemon XY To Air On Cartoon Network In January

Frank Inglese Writes:

The Pokemon Company International have only just announced that the Pokemon XY Anime series will be airing on Cartoon Network starting on the 18th of January 2014. The first two episodes of the series were shown once on Cartoon Network in October, just after the Japanese première, but now they plan to play the whole series every week at 8:30am. This is fantastic news, even though the Japanese series’ episode count is in the double digits it is still great to have it being aired in English so close to its Japanese counterparts release.

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koga881587d ago

This is some good news, as this latest Pokemon anime actually looks pretty entertaining unlike the last bunch. Probably helps that Serena is a great partner to the idiot Ash.

CaptainYesterday1587d ago

I still want Origins to be a full series :/