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Wolf Children - Anime Review | The Nerd Cabinet

"Wolf Children (The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki) is a full length feature anime film. The film was directed by Mamoru Hosoda and co-produced by Madhouse and Hosoda’s own Studio Chizu. It originally premiered in France on June 25 2012 before being released in Japanese theaters on July 21 2012."

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CaptainYesterday1613d ago

I'm gonna watch this on the weekend I saw the trailer awhile ago and thought it looked pretty good and it seemed interesting also I keep hearing really good things about it :D

TNC_Niall1613d ago

I'd definitely recommend you watch it, by far one of the best works by Mamoru Hosoda.

Thunder_God1613d ago

He only has 3 movies right now which mark him, heh. I think they're all pretty good, but yeah, good film.

Hergula1613d ago

Very enjoyable read, and a nicely written, edited, and all around put together, review. I personally like Wolf Children as well, as it is indeed a well created anime with a solid story.

Keep up the good work Niall.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1612d ago

It's one of my favorite movies in general right now.