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My Top 13 Anime of 2013! - AnimeMage

AnimeMage's Top 13 Anime of 2013

As the the fall season is coming to an end its always nice to look back at the years anime and look at which ones you enjoyed the most from 2013!

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CaptainYesterday1587d ago

I really need to watch Kyoukai no Kanata it sounds awesome

Thunder_God1587d ago

Aside from ending horribly, the show had quite a few very serious issues, but if you like the shows he likes, you may like it nevertheless, so best judge how your taste compares to his and decide accordingly :)

DivineHand1251587d ago

I like the way the author chose to list the anime he/she watched before creating the list so that way you won't have much people complaining about something is missing but my opinion on the best anime of 2013 are different.