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16 Epic Crossover Anime Showdowns We'd Love to See Go Down

Ever wondered just how epic a battle would be if two characters from across different animes collided? Well, wonder no longer because here is the comprehensive list of 16 best cross-anime showdowns of all time that we'd love to see happen!

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CaptainYesterday1615d ago

Damn I really want a Pokemon Digimon crossover I've wanted it since I was a kid!

Lord_Sloth1614d ago

Sorry but Yusuke would kick Goku's ass. It's directly stated in the show that Yusuke cannot be at full power in the Human Realm without accidentally destroying the universe and Goku's not as busted as yall like to think.

That being said Major Kusanagi is far from able to take 18 who can destroy cities in seconds. This list is silly.

Hikaru wouldn't last against Atem and L would dominate Kudo.

cemelc1614d ago

There is no feat of anyone destroying anything on a dragon ball scale in yu yu hakusho.

Just some words trown at you in some chapter, goku would wrek yusuke on speed alone.

pompombrum1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Would have added Light vs Lelouch to the list personally. Also think Major Kusanagi vs Revy (Black Lagoon) would be a far more interesting fight.