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Attack On Titan Figure Costs $1200, Still Sells Out

Would you pay $1200 for an action figure? Probably not, but enough people felt that was a sound investment to cause this Attack on Titan figure to sell out.

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LelouchNaruto1605d ago

The work done at eyes is just amazing, but 1200$ is too much. If, I am not wrong manfacturing cost would be around 150$ to 200$.

CaptainYesterday1605d ago

The thing is way too creepy!

admiralvic1604d ago

While I am surprised neither site mentioned this, it's also a 23.6 inch figure. That alone helps understand the price of the figure. It's also a lot more detailed than your run of the mill figure, which even then, are rarely that cheap. I mean, I wouldn't pay $1,200 for any figure, but I can certainly understand where the price comes from.

Thunder_God1604d ago

Looks like he's coming straight out of a Twilight movie :P

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