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5 Stupid Things about the Pokemon TV Show

Fanboys Anonymous breaks down five things that were ridiculously stupid about the Pokemon anime series in part 1 of a series that exposes why the TV show was never really that good to begin with.

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TXIDarkAvenger1602d ago

Actually Pikachu is weak in the show. Every new season, its like his stats reset over and over again LOL. For instance he gets beat by Gary's Electivire...Gary isn't even a trainer anymore. Team Rocket is pretty serious in the anime now, at least more serious then they ever have been.

The show was never good. However it still appealed to us as kids because those things you mentioned no kid would ever pick up. Which is fine, because this show is aimed for KIDS.

Scrivlar1602d ago

1. Ash releases the Pokemon that want to leave because he's a good person.
2. Some of his Pokemon don't want to evolve and he doesn't force it on them.
3. I can't remember them all but I remmember Ash beating at least Misty, Lt. Surge, Koga, And Blaine.
4.If trained well enough a Magikarp could be the strongest Pokemon in the series and Pikachu was trained very well so no wonder its strong.
5. Team Rocket are assholes I'll give you that.

andrewer1602d ago

Man what's wrong with you, the idea the series want to bring is that of friendship and stuff between people and pokemon, that they aren't just things you use, and stuff like that. That's the path they chose to run the series and I have no problem with that, go play the game if you want to see the things you ask, but the series want to tell a different story, that's it.
But since Pikachu started to lose/almost lose to beginners in recent seasons, I dropped it. Hope they'll do something about it someday...