Bobduh's Top Twelve Anime of 2013

Bobduh (of Wrong Every Time) prefers his shows to be theme or character-driven, over being "plot-driven" or action-fests, and here is his list for his personal top 12 shows of 2013, including explanations and often links to in-depth reviews.

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Thunder_God1636d ago

Some people commented all top lists are identical, well, this should be different enough.

My list is similar to this one in tone, to a degree, but actually quite different in which shows it picks, heh. In some ways it's close to this list, and in another I'm going to pick a few shows I know Bob doesn't like, and I don't like some of his picks that much :P

Variety of opinions and tastes is fun!

Hergula1634d ago

Same here buddy, I like the variety of opinions the most, as long as you can justify what you state in an article, for example: Saying that Gargantia is one of the best anime of the year, you still have to clarify your reasons for picking it. That's why I genuinely loved reading this list, as I was eager to find out why those anime made the list.

Happy New Year!

blitzburns41635d ago

12/12 Agree with every one.

Amazing list. Thank you.

Hergula1634d ago

I agree with some of the list, but far from all of them. Either way, it was very enjoyable to read.