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Five Anime News Stories That Surprised Us In 2013

Anime Herald has highlighted five anime news stories that they felt were the biggest surprises of the year. These aren’t necessarily the most important events, but they are the ones that seemed to come out of nowhere, to get us talking and writing.

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LelouchNaruto1575d ago

The biggest anime surprise which I got in 2013 was the day when Crunchyroll took our 3 million Naruto fan page. They merged the page with some new page, and now that page is at 5.5 million(Biggest Naruto page). The Facebook branch, we visited didn't helped us, as there are no policies or laws regarding this issue.

Sorry about being personal on your post, but it was quite a shock for us. Took more than 3 years to reach that goal and some one took it with out giving anything back.

We lost respect for this company !!

DEATHxTHExKIDx1575d ago

Good to see Toonami getting better and better