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The Sekijitsu Sun: After Christmas Edition

Written by Dark Side of the Sekijitsu Team:

Hello, the name’s Dark Side, and I’m a guest writer, and I’ve been asked to try my hand at a news column! I know you’re all probably winding down from Christmas and looking forward to wasting away on all that fancy alcohol you already bought for New Years, but don’t forget that there’s some news you should probably catch up. Deals to find, updates on developing projects, and just downright strange or interesting things. Take a few minutes out of your day and catch up, I promise not to make it a boring experience. Well, I’ll try. If you like what you see, please leave a comment, and if you have any criticism or suggestions, don’t be afraid to write them! I want to do the best I can, so don’t hold back. Just not the face, please. Anywho, to the news, in the first (and hopefully not last) installment of The Sekijitsu Sun!

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