Sword Art Online II TV Anime to Launch in 2014

More Sword Art Online. What an excellent New Years Eve Pressy this is!

Announcement after the extra episode recently aired.

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ExCest1634d ago

Please don't disappoint.

I enjoyed the first part of SAO so much. Then...

maximus19851633d ago

completely agree, it was great, but 2nd half fell flat with its semi incest love. 1st half ended way too soon

pompombrum1634d ago

I haven't seen the special yet but I really don't see how they can make another series. The first arc was amazing but even in the second arc the story seemed stretched. I hope they can make this as good as the first but I just don't see how they can recapture that feeling.

Thunder_God1634d ago

It will cover GGO, and probably Mother Rosario. I consider those two the strongest part of the series, so I'm especially hopeful it'll be great.

I just hope they avoid needless fan-service which didn't appear as much in the books - which they also saw the need to include more of in the first season's second half.