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The Holy Shonen Trilogy: What Will Replace Naruto and Bleach?

These two big shows are retiring soon. What other franchises stand a chance to fill their shoes?

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1629d ago

idk if u can count AoT as shonen. Personally I would say Toriko,Magi, HXH(If it ever gets off HiatusXHiatus).

Shadonic1628d ago

man i want some new Hunter x hunter chapters bad!!!!!!!!!

HystericalGamez1628d ago

The first comment on this article (the original link, not the DeathXkid guy) pisses me off.

"Bleach and Naruto won't end for another 5 years"

Smfh. I can see Bleach Lastin until next year just because of how the pacing is, but Naruto is ending this year. 5 years is a RETARDED stretch.

Embolado1628d ago

Yeah Hunter X Hunter is draging out the last fight in the current arc, but I am right there with you on that one.

Fairy Tale seems great so far, only about 50 episodes in, but Im hooked.

Tyrone_Biggums1628d ago

Fairy Tail has already displaced Bleach

EL Lanf1628d ago

I think it'd be tragic AOT was forced to make compromises to be more popular, such as a move to being weekly. I'm not quite sure if the article is mainly talking about anime or manga either; AOT is going to take a while before it'd have enough stock to run another 25 episodes, although the before the fall spin-off might speed that up if it's incorporated into the anime.

Anyway, I doubt 'the trinity' is even that natural of a thing. Will there and does there always need to be 3 manga/anime that are long running and with popularity far exceeding all others? Bleach and Naruto ending won't leave a void, nothing needs to replace them.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1626d ago

Some ppl would say in the early 90's the big 3 were DBZ, Slam Dunk, and Yu Yu Hakusho all were VERY popular at the time.

late 90's some might say One piece, Ruroni Kenshin, HunterXHunter.

Then the 00's Naruto,Bleach, One Piece.

AOT right now is like that once in a decade manga it nearly caught up to One Piece in sales and, got Crazy popular once the anime came out.