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New Sailor Moon Anime by Toei to Premiere in July

The official website for the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project announced on Friday that the new Sailor Moon anime will premiere this July. It will stream worldwide via the Niconico service.

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chaosdemon091596d ago

Jeaz almost a year off when it was supposed to air.

JD_Shadow1595d ago

At least we're getting an actual time frame instead of a shot in the dark!

This gives them time to really hype this thing up to be touted as one of the biggest releases of the year, which it should be. It's a well known and beloved franchise that helped to put anime on the map for many people in the 90s. It definitely put Toonami on the map (DBZ took it to the stratosphere, but if SM didn't appear on it, DBZ might've never got much of a chance on it because they would've never seen how viable of a vehicle Toonami was).

The fact that they are taking a TMNT 2003 approach with this in that it'll have Naoko's input and follow the manga closely only heightens excitement.

CaptainYesterday1596d ago

Been waiting for this can't wait to see how it is :D

Lord_Sloth1596d ago

So is it a remake or what?

KingArthur13th1596d ago

Nope it's a re-adaptation like FMA: Brotherhood. They're sticking to the manga this time around and cutting out the filler.

Lord_Sloth1595d ago

Ahaaa. Thank you. So long as Nephy returns and is a badass again I'm good.