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Capsule Computers 2013 Anime of the Year Awards

Welcome to the inaugural Capsule Computers Anime of the Year Awards. This is our first time ever doing an Anime of the Year Awards and we want to kick things off big. In what will become an annual awards article, we will be giving out several awards highlight some of the biggest facets of anime each year. This year in particular has been a particularly big one for anime, with countless quality anime bursting onto the scene. With so much great anime this year it is only right to celebrate the best of the best. So without further adieu, here are our winners for the year of 2013. (Anime)

discordman  +   417d ago
Interesting selections. Quite a list!
futurefrog  +   417d ago
an amazing list, very happy for the anime that won anime of the year
F-Inglese-94  +   417d ago
I wont give anything away but I'm extremely excited that a particular Anime won Anime of the Year. It came out of left field but it absolutely deserved the win
Archaic  +   417d ago
That anime just missed out on our own AnimeShinbun shortlist, and really only because we were trying to represent a range of genres there and Shingeki had picked up a lot of user support from the nominations.
masterabbott  +   417d ago
This is an awesome list of winners! The Podcast at the end of the awards is funny! haha listening to it now very cool!
F-Inglese-94  +   417d ago
Yes! They're finally here! What fantastic series'!
futurefrog  +   417d ago
Pleasantly surprised that Attack on Titan didnt just sweep the floor with all the other anime
F-Inglese-94  +   417d ago
I'm actually glad it didnt, it was a fantastic anime but there was so much more out there.
JoMO  +   417d ago
Not to spoil anything... but yeah, ATTACK ON TITAN!!!!
discordman  +   417d ago
gloating are we? hahaha.
KBug93  +   417d ago
This was one heck of a year for anime. So many good series, nice to see the recognition being spread around.That being said...yeah, KILL LA KILL!
badboy99  +   417d ago
kill la kill sucks attack on titan colossal cock lol but still good anime i think
discordman  +   417d ago
Attack on Titan was good, but Kill La Kill had better writing.
koga88  +   417d ago
I'll agree that Kill la Kill was so terrible that I couldn't stick with it past seven episodes but the same thing can be said for Attack on Titan, talk about dragging things on for way too long and terrible animation.
badboy99  +   417d ago
wtf man attack on titan didnt win best anime of year man i should colossal titan punch someone in the face
masterabbott  +   417d ago
Anime of the year is well deserved! I'm watching it now and it's certainly an amazing series!
koga88  +   417d ago
Hmm, I don't agree with a number of their selections but I'm happy to see that both the Winter and Spring seasons had some great winners chosen there, especially since the one was probably really overshadowed by people overhyping AoT.
Thayne  +   417d ago
An awesome list :) So glad that anime from every season got mentioned
Subby  +   417d ago
Although I could never pick just one AOTY, I think it's good to treat lists like these as stellar anime that should be watched, rather than a ranking. Nominees included.
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militissanctus  +   417d ago
Where's the Ace of the Diamond love!? Mr. Halliday was the only one who acknowledged its brilliance!?

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