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Hozuki No Reitetsu Episode 2 Impressions [Capsule Computers]

Frank Inglese Writes:

Another week, another episode and I’m so glad because I cannot get enough of Hozuki No Reitetsu. Welcome back to another instalment of Hozuki No Reitetsu Anime Impressions, I hope you’ve all been as excited about this new episode as I have! This week marks the release of Hozuki No Reitetsu episode two, an episode where Hozuki must deal with young demons slacking off and talking about underwear as well as a surprise visit from European Hell’s very own overlord; Satan. Hozuki No Reitetsu has only come out with two episodes as of right now but it has already concreted itself in as one of my favourite Anime series’ of this season so let’s get into it and see whether or not episode two hit the bar that episode one raised last week.

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Thayne1613d ago

This anime looks so odd, but strangely awesome