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Why Don't Anime Characters Ever Have Parents?

Why is it so rare that main characters in anime actually have parents? Or if they do have parents, they’re away on an extended trip, or just never show up in-show. Given how unlikely it is any teenager would be left to their own devices in real life, it seems weird that this comes up so often in anime.

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Bobduh1614d ago

An attempt to answer one of anime's eternal questions.

EL Lanf1613d ago

I think it might be due to difficulties making parent characters that are interesting. Since it's so avoided already, there's little inspiration too, so it's a perenial spiral.

They're also prime targets to be killed off; I'd be willing to bet the majority of parents in anime actually die.

chaosdemon091613d ago

Its hard to have character leads being teens or college kids if there parents are there not taking them seriously and underminding them cause well there ..there there not going to take there kids seriously. My main character had her parents locked up.. They didn't do anything wrong really..there just in jail with no explanation simply because no one would care

s45gr321613d ago

Flowers of Evil has parents in them, some slice of life anime does have parents in them. Like Attack on Titan.

Thunder_God1613d ago

The parents in Attack on Titan only exist in order to die, which is part of the point.

And yeah, "real slice of life" is often the only genre to have parents. Real as opposed to "Moe Slice of Life" such as K-On! which has no real bearing on real life, and is an idealized version of it. We never meet Yui and Ui's parents, for instance.

Somebody1613d ago

It's even worse for the parental figures in Naruto. In Attack on Titan at least the parents are killed while protecting their kids. In Naruto pretty much anyone who decided to have kids or pick up orphans as kids/apprentice are ended horribly killed by their own kids for some reason.

Did Masashi Ksishimoto had a bad childhood for him to fill the Naruto Universe with family massacre?

smashcrashbash1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

First of all if you actually watched a lot of anime I could give you a long list of characters that have parents,step parents,uncles,aunts etc.Second if you watched other cartoons besides anime you would know that people often leave parents out of the equation because they know very often parents would get in the way of the main characters adventures.Just imagine you trying to do something and you mother or father is always telling you what to do and not what to do and worrying you about you constantly.I can give some right now. Light from Death Note has a father,Ranma's has a father and a mother,Sailor Moon has a mother,Ichigo has a father,Luffy has an uncle,Kogome has a mother,Ash has a mother,the boy from Medabots has had a mother.It's not as rare as you think it is. I can name more if you want.

Darrius Cole1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )


All story-telling is based on some sort of struggle. Story-telling aimed at males almost always includes the threat of physical harm, in contrast to story-telling aimed at women which is mostly all about relationships between people.

The presence of well-adjusted parents, especially a well-adjusted father, creates too much order and safety in the family's life. This order removes the struggle necessary to tell a good story aimed at young males.

The parents have to be omitted, removed, weakened, or made irrational in order for the struggle to reach down to the children so that the story can progress.

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