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Watson Watches: Azumangah Daioh (New to Anime)

"Watson is a New Zealander in his 30s. He knows what anime is, but never watched it growing up and has still seen few titles to date. And a couple of weeks ago, I sat him down to watch the first five episodes of Azumanga Daioh, and then had a few questions for him" - Artemis.

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Thunder_God1581d ago

This is actually one of the blog-posts I've had the most fun reading in recent months.

Seeing a non anime-watcher watch an anime steeped in "anime culture" and polling his opinion shows us that some things we take for granted, such as this show being a "Seinen show" where in the west it'd have been aimed at young girls is quite illuminating.

And some other issues.

I'm curious what Watson will watch next.