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Best Practices: Supporting Anime You Watch Online

We here at OtakuSpirit love our anime. Just as many reading this do as well. However getting your hands on it is not always easy. Costs, viruses, conscience, and even legalities are always a running factor. The other aspect is always that we truly want to support our anime to help it grow and be successful. That’s why we are constantly seeking great new ways to consume anime and get it into other people’s hands.

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blitzburns41614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

I agree that it's always important to support the Anime industry. Thank you for this post and spreading this information.

Also, you should also really mention buying new Blu-Rays off Rightstuf and Amazon as well. The prices tend to be a bit expensive, but I can tell you it''s all worth when you watch a blu-ray like Black Lagoon or Claymore on your own TV! ; ) And nothing supports your favorite franchises more directly.


Zeruel1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

I agree that media purchase is definitely the best method to support them. Though the idea behind the article was to give ideas for affordable streaming online as apposed to free sites that could be dangerous. I passed along your feedback to the author and it's much appreciated. Thanks!