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Anime Power Rankings Presents: The Top Shows of 2013

Kevo of Desu ex Machina runs the Anime Power Ranking for the final time, and 54 anime-bloggers submit their ballots for the top shows ending in 2013. Which shows made it, and which ones didn't? Read more to see.

Also included is a breakdown of which shows ended the weekly polls at the #1 spot, and how often. (Anime)

Thunder_God  +   622d ago
This list had been quite interesting. It was quite different from other lists I've seen, anywhere else.

I think the fact it's "weighted" rather than simply "List your top 10" and all are given an equal weight also had something to do with it.
aiBreeze  +   621d ago
It's nice to see White Album 2 on the list, that's easily the most underrated show of 2013 imho seeing how it barely gets a mention from most English sites at least.
Thunder_God  +   621d ago
It's also pretty recent. Shin Sekai Yori for instance didn't get that watched until months after it ended, with people slowly picking it up.

Same for Kyousougiga.

Personally, White Album 2 didn't work for me, but I know plenty of people for whom it did.

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