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Ever Wanted to Play Final Fantasy VIII? Now You Can on the Cheap

Thanks to the latest Square Enix sale, Final Fantasy VIII is now cheaper than ever. Released for the PC on Steam back in December of last year (though its original port to the PC was much further in the past – the year 2000),FFVIII has been previously praised in many respects.

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1606d ago Replies(3)
HiDefEra1606d ago

This is great and all, but how does one redeem this code on steam? I've looked around for a way to activate the coupon, but I can't find anything. It'd be greatly appreciated if someone gave me a heads up on how to finally get my hands on this game after losing my PS copy in a move.

Agent_hitman1605d ago

That' a good deal.. I have played this awesome game on both console and PC before..

aDDicteD1604d ago

Final Fantasy 8 is my 3rd favorite FF game! It's a must own title for those who love RPG games. I haven't played this game on PC though so I might buy it when I see a good deal on this one.